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Internships in International Organizations

IIASC delegation is discovering about internship opportunities for ukrainian youth in OSCE, UN, EC offices in Vienna.

Specialized programs

IIASC organizes projects for highly specialized groups of lawers, social workers, diplomats, logistic and agricultural professionals and more.

Management in medicine

Educational program for doctors, professors and management board that aims to discover in practice about Healthcare System in Poland.

Ukrainian Support Chain

International platform aims to unify socially active Ukrainians creating communication platform for mutual support of social and business projects.

Education in Finland

West Finland College in Huittinen is welcoming professors from Ukraine to get acquainted with the Finnish education and to improve their English knowledge.

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The Ukrainian-Polish Educational Foundation, “the Institute for International Academic and Scientific Cooperation” (IIASC) has been operating since 2012 to promote the development of education, science and civil society, as well as to promote the idea of lifelong learning.

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